Modern consumers want to engage with your business on the channel of their choice – whether it’s through a phone call or a digital platform, whether it’s an AI-assisted chatbot or a live person. Our technology allows us to support your customers across the wide array of channels available today – as well as the emerging channels of tomorrow.

We support voice, email, SMS, web chat, video and social messaging apps. Our technology allows us to integrate with your mobile apps and web portals to provide the “human touch” to customer interactions, or AI assistance for those that prefer self-serve. Additionally, we have implemented technologies that allow seamless transitions between digital and voice channels. We can make intelligent routing decisions and provide agents with key information should your customer choose to convert a digital interaction into a live agent one.


TE-active is plugged into a highly-advanced technology platform that connects consumers with skilled live agents or AI resources designed to reassure the user throughout the process.


 Contact Recording
Comprehensive Support Platform designed to provide assistance in completing the transaction or provide the “human touch”
 - Quality Assurance
 - Speech Analytics
 - Workforce Optimization
 - Gamification
 - Reporting and Analytics

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