About Us | Quality Management

Quality is one of our key cornerstones and we work hard to drive quality interactions. It starts with an understanding of what customers want – a simple and quick solution to their problems. We work hard to drive this goal.


    We train our agents to understand the customer need and anticipate any downstream issues.


    We arm our agents to address the emotional side of customer interactions.


    We allow our customers to interact with us using whatever channel they chose. We further work to minimize the need for customers to switch service channels, but when they do, we’ve implemented technology to make that switch as seamless and easy as possible.


    We elicit and use feedback from disgruntled or struggling customers. We track customer complaints and provide our clients with real information that they can use to improve the service offerings. When the feedback is something that we can fix, we identify the problem and proactively develop solutions.


    We focus on problem solving, not speed. We work to ensure that the customer is treated with the respect that they deserve and that their problems are resolved.

From customer surveys, deep call listening and KPI analysis, through intelligent one-on-one sessions where supervisors are able to drive real agent improvement, we’ve utilized best practices to drive quality. Our management staff are encouraged to acquire Six Sigma Lean certification to learn to drive consistent quality throughout the organization.