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TE-active Forms Strategic Partnership with Nursesimple

TORONTO – June 2021 - TE-active is pleased to announce it is forming a strategic partnership with Nursesimple to help better serve the health and safety needs of Canadians when they travel.

“We at TE-active recognize how health and travel are more intertwined than ever, and by partnering with Nursesimple, we’ll be able to bring a number of much-needed medical solutions that will help install confidence as travel restarts in the coming months,” said Walter Wakulowsky, Chief Operating Officer of TE-active, in announcing the partnership.

Under the new partnership, TE-Active will provide customer service solutions and technology to support Nursesimple while also providing a comprehensive array of products and services that will be needed in a post-pandemic era.

TE-active is a CTEH company that specialises in customer service solutions, while Nursesimple provides a wide range of medical assistance to a growing number of Canadian clients.

“TE-Active’s expertise in customer service management is a perfect complement to our health-focused service,“ said Nursesimple CEO Omar Ahmad. “With administrative questions and support answered by TE-active, we can focus our nurses’ attention on cases requiring high touch healthcare support and coordination.”

With TE-Active’s customer service management in place, Nursesimple is able to further scale their business, and power their entry into multiple verticals simultaneously.

Practical support such as registering for Nursesimple's service as well as navigating the patient portal, test booking and location questions will be managed by TE-active.

About Nursesimple
Nursesimple provides global 24/7 health concierge services including triage, navigation, coordination and follow-through to resolution for their members’ entire health journey while they are at home or abroad. This continuity of care goes beyond traditional reactive, transactional healthcare. Instead our licensed practitioners develop deep, long-term relationships, providing personalized support for day-to-day healthcare needs as well as chronic condition management all while coordinating with a members’ existing health providers. This approach reduces the costs of disability, absenteeism and claims through early detection, prevention and ongoing coaching. While traveling, members can take advantage of a total wrap-around program that includes translation services, connectivity to foreign providers and follow-up throughout their entire trip. For more information, visit www.nursesimple.com

Press Release

Tour East Group Launches New Contact Centre, Partners with Aimia Loyalty Solutions

TORONTO – FEBRUARY 2020 - Tour East Group (CTEH 1620.HK), one of Canada’s largest travel providers, today announced the creation of a new division, TE-active, as part of the Company’s expansion into the Process Management Business.

TE-active will operate out of a new state-of-the-art contact centre located in Montreal’s fashionable Alexis Nihon Plaza and its staff of 70 will offer full bilingual travel fulfilment services to many well-known loyalty brands, including Aimia Loyalty Solutions, a leading full-service global loyalty provider. In partnering with Aimia, Tour East Group will deliver high-touch customer service to members of Aimia’s client loyalty programs.

“The creation of TE-active is just another step in the evolution of our Company becoming a full service provider to the travel loyalty industry,” said Annie Tsu, President and CEO of Tour East Group, which started operations in 1976 under the Tour East Holidays brand.


“As the travel industry diversifies into the processing and servicing of travel bookings and merchandising, it’s important that we establish a service provider like TE-active to keep pace with growing demands,” said Ms. Tsu.

Ms. Tsu also announced the appointment of Walter Wakulowsky to the position of Managing Director of TE-Active.

“Walter comes to TE-active with a wealth of experience in the contact centre management field and his knowledge and enthusiasm will serve us well going forward,” said Ms. Tsu.

Mr. Wakulowsky vast experience includes stints at a number of leading companies, including WestJet, Bell Canada and Rogers Cable.


  About Tour East
A leader and innovator in the travel industry since 1976, Tour East Group is committed to providing clients with a full range of travel services from offices in Canada and the United States. As one of the most technologically advanced travel companies of Canada, Tour East Group is able to provide clients with real time solutions that meet the demands of our rapidly changing industry. Tour East’s technology platform is designed to provide cost-effective travel solutions to our travel trade partners and travellers at large. Our multilingual technology platform allows us to be one of the most innovative companies in the travel industry and lets Tour East introduce new features rapidly. For more information, visit www.toureastgroup.com.
Aimia Loyalty Solutions, a division of Aimia Inc., is a globally recognized leader in full-service loyalty solutions for leading retail, CPG, travel & hospitality, financial services and entertainment brands. As a customer-centric organization, Aimia helps brands identify and target key customer segments to deliver personalized brand experiences. Its proprietary SmartJourney® methodology takes a holistic approach to classify, quantify and predict customer behavior across key engagement milestones to uncover the highest impact opportunities and risks for clients.

For more information about Aimia Loyalty Solutions, visit www.aimia.com.