TE-active is a responsible member of the corporate community that has, for almost 45 years, been a leader on issues that affect our employees and customers. We are a success because we care about the people we serve and employee. That is why we are the industry leader on important issues like DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION, SUSTAINABILITY, AND CHARITABLE CAUSES.

Diversity and Inclusion

At TE-active, diversity and inclusion (D&I) are top of mind because it creates a healthy, unified culture that increases employee engagement and productivity. Our diverse staff represents a multitude of countries and cultures and our corporate policy on gender equality starts right at the top, with our Chair Rita Tsang and our President and CEO Annie Tsu setting a great example for women everywhere. Promoting gender equality in the workplace has resulted in TE-active becoming a leader in its field.


TE-active has taken many steps to reduce our carbon footprint by introducing a number of green initiatives at our offices to help boost sustainability. For instance, we discourage water bottle use in the workplace, employ software throughout our network that monitors computer use and shuts inactive ones off automatically, have replaced all fluorescent lighting in all our offices with more energy efficient LED lamps, and promote eco-friendly destinations to our travel customers.

Charitable Causes

TE-active needs the communities where it operates and where its employees, customers and stakeholders live and work to be strong and dynamic. To achieve this, TE-active passionately supports many charitable causes in those communities with direct cash donations and through fund-raising events that have benefited such important and worthy causes as the Princess Margaret Hospital, the Royal Ontario Museum and the Yee Hong Geriatric Hospital foundation.