About the Company

Our Story

TE-active is a wholly subsidiary of CTEH Inc. CTEH, started out as Tour East Holidays in 1976 and has grown to become a recognized leader in the North American and Asian travel industry, specializing in travel Business Process Management services, providing specialized airline content and other unique services for the industry. TE-active was formed in 2019 to round out our capabilities of BPM services by providing exceptional contact experiences for our and your customers.

Head quartered in Toronto, we also have offices in Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, New York, Beijing and Shenzhen. We are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (1620.HK).


These days, it’s not enough to just service customers by answering the phone. At TE-active, we strive to deliver superior customer experiences that help your brand build long-lasting connections.

We use our omni-channel capabilities to ensure that customers get the assistance they need in the manner they wish to communicate. By blending technology with highly trained and skilled staff, we help ensure that your customers will receive the care that they need efficiently and seamlessly. Simply put, we work hard to turn customers into loyal fans.

Human Touch – It’s Personal!

A recent study revealed that the number one reason customers dread calling for support is the growing trend that they will encounter a bot instead of a human upon connection. When customers call a customer support network, they often want to be greeted by another person who has the expertise to help them solve the problem.

Humans want to feel valued and understood, so empathic communication and active listening play critical roles in our ability to successfully support your customer. A live agent can empathize with consumers and not only solve the problem at hand, but they can also build a long-term, personal relationship.